Load Subtitles using button "Copy Url":

Step 1 :
We'll take an example the movie "Joker (2019)". And Server Netu.TV as a video hosting server, the page with the movie will look like the image below:

Step 2 :
As soon as you click the “Play Button” (or anywhere on the screen), a pop-up ad may appear redirecting you to another website. Sometimes ads appear twice, even three times in a row, before the button actually “clicks”. You just need to close the popping-up unrelated tabs/windows each time they appear.
After you do that, click on the “Play” button. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, wait for 5-30 seconds for the video to preload.
To add subtitles to the movie, click on the "CC" button - this is a button in the bottom right corner of the video player.

Step 3 :
There will pop-up two possible selections: "Load srt/vtt from PC" and "Load srt/vtt from URL". In our case, for the subtitles to load fast, you need to click "Load srt/vtt from URL". After that the invitation: "Please enter the Url of the.srt file You want to use" appears.

Step 4 :
To enter the requested Url, please utilize the loadsubs.net website: find the requested subtitles for the movie "Joker (2019)" and click the button “Copy Url”.

Step 5 :
As soon as the copying is completed, you will see the notification "Copied".

Step 6 :
Go back to Netu.TV Player and insert the copied Url in the bar below the invitation: "Please enter the Url of the.srt file You want to use" and click “OK”.

Step 7 :
When you do this, subtitles start showing immediately. Enjoy your favorite movies with subtitles from LoadSubs.Net!

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